About Braidstream 

Whether you require the performance of a single musician for a small, simple ceremony or a full ensemble for a major event, Braidstream can accommodate your requirements. From Celtic to Baltic, classical to jazz, these musicians blend an eclectic mix of musical styles, backgrounds and cultures to create a memorable sound experience for you and your guests.

Since 1985 Braidstream has been offering an evocative musical mixture of themes that wraps the audience in an aural tapestry that blends the spirit of ancient recognition with bold innovation.  Their music of flute, hammered dulcimer, guitar, cello, harp, keyboards and percussion melds classical and modern forms into an exciting weave that defies categorization. 

Equally comfortable in small rooms or ballrooms, their beautiful music and professional demeanor enhances and makes special each event.  A discussion with Braidstream will clarify your needs and how they may configure for your event and budget. 

In addition to presenting performances for audience listening pleasure, Braidstream also offers an experiential educational music experience.  The group has offered such performance workshops in numerous elementary and high schools as well as colleges, universities and organizations. 

info@braidstream.com | Phone: 828.258.2267